Thursday, October 25, 2007

Actually, Don't Let Me Stand Next To Your Fire.

As the bye week fades into sad memory it becomes time once again to post up or shut up. As most of you are probably aware, for the second time in four years, San Diego County has burned mostly to the ground. Weak. I’m fine, which is obviously the most important thing. I'm doing okay mostly because I do not live in an area that was constantly ravaged by brush fires even before there was track kindling there. Anyway, as a result of said fire, the Chargers once again must scramble to figure out when and where to play their scheduled home game, this time against the Houston Oilers (Last time it was a significantly better than present Miami team). At the moment, Qualcomm Murphy Stadium is been used as an evacuation shelter for people who have been run out of their toaster strudels-er…homes. Last time we had such an enormous conflagration (that totally means fire, look it up!) the air quality over San Diego was so bad that even without the refugee status of the stadium there was no way there’d be a football game here at home. That is not the case this time as strong winds have blown most of the smoke and ash out over the ocean where the stupid fishes and underwater aliens can deal with that shit. Originally, I figured that my brother was probably right and that the Spanoses would just make the 10,000 or so displacees (made that one up) buy a ticket. Or maybe they’d move it out to Phoenix or Tempe. Instead, it looks like they’re just going to go ahead and kick everybody out and have it at QualMurph on Monday. Sweet humanitarianism. They should at least let them stick around for the tailgate. The funny thing is, this becomes the Bolts only Monday night game of the season. Beause that’s what 14-2 gets you these days. I also have to wonder if the game will even get televised if this turns out to be the case? I have no idea and I’m too lazy to actually try and find out, but I’ll be really pissed if I have to wait another fucking week to see my Chargers play. Fucking irate. Last time we had a big ole stupid fire, it was a Monday night game that ended up getting moved to Arizona. I had a ticket to that game. I was not about to drive to Arizona, so fuck me. I think there are two very obvious conclusions to be made here:

1) Fire hates me.

2) Fire can just go ahead and fucking rot already.

In all seriousness, though, there is not nearly enough God in this blog, so I’d like to go ahead and thank God that it seems most of my own personal friends and family seem to have escaped this disaster with their lives and livelihoods pretty well intact. I’d also like to offer my sincerest condolences to everyone affected by the blaze, and to commend the many of you who actually left your homes when authorities told you to this time, resulting in what so far appears to be a significantly lower death toll. Good on ya.

That’s it for now. I’ll try to write more footbally stuff tomorrow. Go Bolts!!! Fire, not so much.

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