Thursday, April 14, 2005

Double Dip Roundup...

Double dip at the old gum factory in Chicago yesterday. Game one featured our Cy Young candidate Jake battling against one of Cubbielands fan favorites in Kerry Wood. And yes I conveniently got the match up wrong yesterday. Of course, because of the unusual starting time out there at the field or “ocean according to Kruk”, the game was marginalized to Sportscenter. At which time I expected them to depart from what is the most overblown storyline of 2005, Yanks, Red Sox, but to no avail, that was the lead and I had to sit through basketball highlights as well before getting to the goods of the day.

Highlights of course were Cub biased and showed game 2 before game 1. Which made little to no sense to me but alas I am no program director, so I got to see how magnificent Mark Prior is and how lowly the Padres are and how great Mark Prior is in slow motion with K-Zone and all of that. Okay, he’s good, he pitched well, we lost, move on. Just move on to game one now Sportcenter.

Game One was more of the same. The picture was painted via the “highlights” by how poorly Kerry Wood pitched. Which may in fact be true. What wasn’t shown was how well our Cy candidate pitched. They showed Mr. Wood floundering and getting taken deep. There was no mention of Jake or his line for the day. In fact, at the graphics portion of the highlight, they once again showed Wood’s line. I had to go and search today to see how Jake threw the pill. Message to the people who run the “Mothership” over there:

-There are many more teams than the Yankees and Red Sox out there.
-There are many baseball fans who don’t give a(n) (edit) about either one of them.
-Tell both sides of a game’s story. If a pitcher (Jake) pitches well, and is considered by many a Cy candidate, tell me how he pitched today, especially if he wins, which he did. Morons. Again all together now. Morons.

The only pitch I saw Jake throw was one that was hammered into the gap that Adam Hyzdu body splashed for out in left, got up and doubled off Derek Lee at second. Great play Adam.

Since ESPN doesn’t want to share here is Jake’s line from yesterday:

7.0, 6 hits, 2 runs, 2 earned, 1 walk, 7 K’s.

For anyone keeping track that’s:

13.2 IP, 10 hits, 2 runs, 3 walks, 17 K’s for the season thus far.

His WHIP is less than 1. Pretty darned good Jake. Now go have a talk with Lawrence and get him straightened out. Off day today more later…

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