Friday, April 22, 2005

Death Comes Ripping.

Can't say I ever doubted this baseballing club for a minute. Tremendous showing last night. Might Eaton finally be turning that corner? Klesko, is he finally back to 100%? This would be sports hack says yes.

The trick is to watch the game out of the corner of your eye. If I sit there and stare straight at the TV, I am time and again punished for my efforts. But if I glance at the TV from time to time or check the score on my cell phone I am rewarded with baseball riches beyond my wildest dreams. Boo. Yah. At this point I'm thinking I should probably never actually go to a game again. Or at least, if I do, spend the entire night in the Omni club, sneaking food from the buffet and getting hammered on over priced libations while occasionally asking the guy next to me what time the game starts and if he wants to arm wrestle. I think I can take him, he's old. This, of course, would be new territory for me.

Tonight our boys face off with the Arizona Diamondbacks. Dare I say sweep? Hell yes, sweep. Sweep the whole damn season! If this one victory over the Dodgers has taught me anything, its that the Padres are the best damn baseball swatting outfit in the bigs. And doesn't it stand to reason that if you're the best damn baseball swatting outfit in the bigs, you should win every damn baseball contest you're involved in? This is simple arithmatic, people. Monkeys solve more complex equations with their toes!

So, in summation, the Padres rule, and every other team? That's right, they drool. Go Padres!!!

P.S. Second place in the old fantasy league. Thanks for that complete game shut out win yesterday Carpenter. Against the Cubs too. Your too good to me. Peace, I'm out!

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