Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Dean-o Get Yer Gun; It's Firin' Time

I am not really ready to process what happened last night or what it all means yet, but I feel like I should say something. And that something is, “Why has Norv Turner not been fired yet?!!!” Seriously, did you catch that post game? Holy crap, is he terrible. Someone asked him what he thought of fans saying there needed to be a major organizational change during the bye week and he said he didn’t know what the guy was talking about. When the guy clarified that the fans were clamoring for Norv’s head, Norv refused to address it. This guy’s so fiery, it’s impossible to understand why our team is such a marshmallow, huh? Not even Canepa is willing to defend this paper genius today.

The organization is right now figuring out what to go with, but you know it will be along the lines of “We’re still 3-3 and tied for the lead. The schedule gets easier. Changing the course now would be throwing away the rest of the season. Blah, blah, blah bullshit.” Would anybody be surprised to see us blow it in Cleveland in two weeks? And it’s been said a million billion times already, but what is this team going to do if it somehow manages to fake its way into the postseason? Nothing but save the jobs of the people responsible for this mess.

Norv needs to go yesterday. AJ can stick around until the end of the season, but Spanos needs to be looking for his next GM starting right damn now! Sorry to steal from my cohort, but Gaither was a fail! Player relations is a fail! Fan relations is a fail! Norv is a fail! Turning Philip Rivers into the squawking mistake machine he is when this guy was destined for greatness by squandering all the talent around him and hitching his star to the biggest lie of an offensive genius ever is a major fail!

The sky is not falling! It is lying scattered in a million pieces around our collective feet! Okay, so I guess I sort of processed last night after all.

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