Monday, October 18, 2010

A Couples of Quickies

If you haven't heard already, Junior Seau beat up his girlfriend or something, got arrested or something and drove off a cliff or something. Last I heard he was hospitalized, but not dead. "Or something" is the new "alledgedly." Anyway, this is too bad. I met Junior briefly once, and he seemed like a nice enough guy. And I will always have fond memories of Seau as a Charger. One of the best ever, for real. I hope this all turns out alright for him. Also, you know it's killing Roger Goodell that he can't suspend him.

This is an interesting article on pirating NFL broadcasts over the internet, which should be of interest to anybody left in San Diego who cares about watching Chargers games. It draws parallels between the music industry, the phone company and the NFL. I wish more people would write about the NFL's misguided attempts to protect it's legacy. "Back in my day, the players didn't celebrate touchdowns with flashy antics. That's should be a penalty. Also, they were white." That was any random stodgy old racist NFL owner or official in case you were wondering.

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