Monday, October 25, 2010

I Feel Like This Might Be Slipping Away a Bit...

Normally I express my frustrations fairly easily. A simple loudly proclaimed "fuck" usually does the trick for me internally, and as you know I'm quite the wordsmith when it comes to profanity. However, I don't want to continue to use that as a crutch, and quite frankly, I think I may even be out of expletives. Fresh out. This team has yet again yanked something from me that I hold dear. They've beaten me down to a point where swearing has lost its luster. Seriously.

This was an interesting weekend. I was lucky enough to see the UFC Championship live and in person and was awed by the spectacle. But, much like many of my Sunday's of late, I was again on the wrong end of the decision. Awesome display, disappointing result.

Expectations on my end were tempered for Sunday, when I just knew that Dreamboat McModelfucker was going to run roughshod all over us. I was pleasantly surprised to see the defense render him mortal after all and were it not for our continuing ineptitude, bad penalties, horribly stupid mental errors and turnovers, we may have come out of this one smelling like a rose. Unfortunately, the current trend of this football team continued their mediocre at best level of play, and the mental errors mounted yet again. Goodman and Hester, ah fuck it. I've wasted enough breath, but who's to blame for taking the fundamentals of the game, wiping their ass with and flippantly disposing of them in such an unceremonious manner.

What happens now? Loads of fanboys are using history as a guide and citing last season's winning streak for inspiration. While technically possible, that result seems highly unlikely to me. The quality of the opponent is going to remain above average. What has this team done that would lead you to believe they are capable of anything more than they've showed up to and including week 7? Pessimism is such an easy concept for me but hell, even I need something to hang my hat on. I cannot openly dismiss and fucking willfully ignore logic. Logic tells me this team is not on the right path. We are perilously close to players mailing it in and cashing their checks and doing their best to avoid injury.

The blame lies everywhere, from the players to the coaches to the management. This season has been a failure to date on every level. The media can make all the excuses they want and point out our dynamic offense and statistics that fly in the face of the facts. But the facts are we are a 2-5 football team that has been wholly uncompetitive the majority of the season as a direct result of our failures as a "team". I find it unlikely that we will not continue to see the same trends going forward. I'm hoping that things change for the better but guys like Goodman, Hester and Garay prevent me from believing it possible. So we go one week at a time. Here comes Tennessee. We shall see if this organization can figure out their issues and not fist fuck themselves yet again.

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