Friday, October 01, 2010

Clever. Stupid, But Clever

So, here's a song parody some Chargers fan made about the Vincent Jackson to the tune of Ms. Jackson by Outkast.

I'd like to think the fan made this because the song was just too irresistable to pass up, but I know better. And from the comments on the youtube page it's pretty apparent that a lot of the fans in this town still want to stand up to the millionaire athlete doing the work in defense of the billionaire owner to cheap to pay anything close to fair market value for his players and the egomaniacal bully of a GM who doles out unnecessary punishments when someone has the audacity to question his methods. Well played San Diego, this is why other team's fans think you're stupid. And believe me, they do. Still, I have to admit it's clever.


Anonymous said...

go be a fan of another NFL team then! i'm not even a charger fan and came across your ghost-town blog by googling "Vincent Jackson"-- so don't assume all fans think San Diego fans are stupid... just YOU. your superiority complex has overwhelmed your pea-sized brain to think you "know better" not to have made the song. Or the fact that you THINK you know how other fans and teams feel about SD and the VJ issue. i hardly doubt you have the brain capacity to even come up with one of the lines from the song. i hardly doubt you even know how to count to 10. i am a NYG fan, and even -I- can see that VJ and Co. went about things the wrong way. And since VJ and Co. weren't willing to bend, why should AJ? VJ is but ONE player. AJ is the GM of an ENTIRE TEAM. Hell, even #73 MM was smart enough to crawl back. At this point, if SD doesn't win it all this year, everyone will blame it on AJ. If a team truly depended on ONE player to make it or break it, then they didn't deserve to be called champions. BUT, if they do end up winning the SB without VJ, what would you think then? You'd still nit-pick about how SD could have and would have had more passing yards/TDs in a season. Or how your man-crush for VJ had transpired into something even Fantasy novels could not produce. Get your boyfriend's #83-stitched jock strap out of your ass and give it a good smelling. You know what that smell is? Your condescending opinion and man-love for #83.

I'm sure glad i'm not a chargers fan. Sucks to have a douche like you ruin it all for football fans who love the Chargers regardless of who's on the team.

CJ said...

Funny. The most coherent part of your comment is the computer created "anonymous said..." title. I'm not one to stereotype fan bases but the VaGiants are sure lucky to have you as their own.

I will agree with you on one point. I truly could not be happier that you are not a Charger fan. I don't mean to take up any more of your time, you're free to get back to icing your bros now.