Friday, September 18, 2009

No Blackout, No LT

I went ahead and snatched up the remaining tix so the blackout is no go. Next up, Miami on the 27th. 4,000 seats available. That's getting a bit rich for my blood. We better win this week.

LT has been scratched from the line-up against the Ravens on Sunday as a precautionary measure, and AJ Smith is probably steaming right now. You have no idea how badly he wanted to run LT out of town a hold on to Turner a couple of years back, but this town would have crucified him if he had done it. Now those same fans are wildly pointing their fingers at Turner's performance in Atlanta and saying they "had a feeling" all along. These are the same fans who claim they don't get upset about questionable calls when the league claims the refs interpreted the rule correctly...even when they didn't. Every year I understand more why people from out of town hate Chargers fans.

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