Friday, September 04, 2009

And that's a Sweet How Do You Do...

So, Kommisar Goodell, to borrow the phrase from these guys is encouraging the Chargers Brass to consider a remodel of the old Murph. Fabiani, a LAWYER, says not feasible, hasn't been feasible and won't be feasilbe. As always, the alternate proposal is to rebuild on the current Mission Valley site. This is also met with trepidation by the LAWYER, stating that "that won't allow for development.". And so, there's the rub. They don't just want a new stadium to equalize the competitive imbalance, they want development like John Moores got prior to kamikazi bombing the team into the newly paved ground, but hey, with new vacant high rise condos no one can afford hurray!!! Read the whole crapshot here.

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