Monday, September 14, 2009

And There You Go.

Football is back for real. None of this Thursday night primer bullshit, that there was a full slate of games. And what games they were. Let's take a look:

Kyle Orton...what can you say about Kyle Orton other than he's a guy who-with some help from God...real God and not som e crazy bearded Nordic specialist God-gets things done. Wow. Like it or not, the Donks are on pace for a perfect season.

Jake DelHomme. Really? Jake DelHomme is Mark Brunell. Better go get a back-up job somewhere Jake, so you can start rebuilding your credibility.

Drew Brees hates his running backs. So, if Philip Rivers sucked how many times a week do you think that AJ would call Drew Brees' cell phone and not say anything just to hear his voice?

At the end of the day it's a win, but you gotta wonder about Baltimore. But man, can the eyebrow throw the ball. And you gotta wonder if Matt Cassell is really the best QB in KC.

Kurt Warner looked like an old man.

Brett Favre deploys a mean hand off to the gut. Might he really be ready to take a secondary offensive role. I mean, really sucks.

I hope you want to hear a lot about Donovan McNabb and Mike Vick this week. Cause you're gonna.

And last but certainly not least, Jay Cutler. If the last 3 minutes of that game hadn't been a Fantasy Football nut punch for me, I think it would have been my favorite of all. 4 picks. Muy fantastico! But don't worry Jay, Peter King still has the Bears ranked 6th. Seriously. Sorry, though, you're not on his MVP watch. Yet.

And now for tonight. As one who believes Shawne Meeriman probably did choke that annoying little reality ho, I say fine as long as he was practicing for this game. Just kidding, it's never okay to choke a bitch. Unless she's some crazy evil mutant henchwoman with like metal claws and whatnot. In that case, choke away. Let's hope the Bolts do not 'choke away' tonight. Go Bolts!!!

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