Friday, August 11, 2006

You're Damn Right I Can Hold A Grudge

First off, I want to thank Deadspin for the attention. It's always flattering when people notice the hard work we're doing over here. You know, using someone else's photoshop as content for our site. Hey, it ain't going to go and post itself and come up with a half-assed snappy headline to boot.

The sentiment is there, though. We here in San Diego can hold a grudge. Not so much that we'll sell out a Sunday night game against ShEli and the Giants, but a grudge just the same. About anything, really. Hell, I may even be petty enough to boycott a bar that kicked me out for making fun of cripple, so don't be surprised to find me pissing on ShEli's grave if I live that long. And not just him, the whole damn family. Anybody catch The Living Choke light it up for a series last night in a meaningless preseason game versus the hapless Rams defense? I especially like the part where Peyton (which is a girl's name, I'd like to point out) kept on throwing the ball inside the ten yard line until he got his touchdown. Wouldn't want to see how the new running game works in the red zone, would we? It's not like I'm surprised. Anybody else think that Ole Edgerrin is looking forward to actually getting a shot at the TD record with a quarterback who doesn't worry so much about padding his stats in the red zone. But I say keep it up Ms. Manning, cause I never get tired of watching those end zone turnovers in the big games.

And what is the deal with Archie Manning? How did we all come to the universally accepted notion that Archie was a great QB on a bad team? The stats don't back it up. I've never seen any astounding game film of Saints receivers dropping perfect pass after perfect pass, or Saints defenders pick up fumbles and running them the wrong way down the field into their own end zone. I did find an old clip where they had a monkey riding a unicycle as a safety, but I'm pretty sure that was faked.

So, suck it, Mannings. You can sit up there in your mansions with your fancy schmancy wine and foie gras, whatever that is, but know in your hearts that Maximum Colossus is displeased with you exploits. Go Bolts!!!

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CJ said...

This should be a chapter in the bible. No really it should. Somewhere in Revelations where Satan himself smites the entire Manning-less clan with disease. Preferrably gonorrhea....