Thursday, August 10, 2006

Killing Me.

This is going to be a short one because I'm sick of talking about and if you don't know how I feel by now, you are obviously not paying attention. I came by this little nugget in Jeffri Chadiha's Chargers' training camp postcard:

Donnie Edwards isn't shy about discussing his bitterness towards Chargers general manager A.J. Smith. After failing to get the Chargers to give him a contract extension this offseason, the linebacker has been searching for a trade over the last few months. He says his agent, Tom Condon, has found some willing suitors but Smith's high asking price -- a second-round pick, according to Edwards -- is killing interest. "I would've liked for things to be different here but they aren't," says Edwards, an 11-year veteran who has led San Diego in tackles in each of the last four years. "We had permission to seek a trade, we found some offers and now I'm ready to put this to rest. It's time for a change. [Smith] has made this a very difficult environment to work in and I'm ready to just go some place where I'm appreciated."

Do you get the feeling that A.J. Smith does this sort of garbage to prove a point? "Hey Donnie, if you're so great, why can't I get a second round pick for you? Now shut up and go do your job." What a complete a-hole. Not that I want him to go, but I hope Donnie ultimately winds up in a place where he can be happy. I hope it's outside of the west, though, because I get the feeling if he's ever given the chance he's going to make A.J. eat this crap. Go Bolts!!!

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