Friday, August 18, 2006

These San Diego Writers Are Killing Me...Again.

Sure seems like like San Diego Union Tribune sportswriter Tim Sullivan is getting a kick out of stirring the pot lately. First there was the article that hazily accused players in the Padres clubhouse of believing that management was being set up by upper management. His exact statement was as follows:

"Some of them have pondered the possibility that General Manager Kevin Towers and field manager Bruce Bochy are being set up to fail in order to justify an offseason housecleaning."

Now, in a situation where you team has gone from Shinola to shit in record time, you can expect some of the players to be less than happy with the direction of the club, and Sullivan has some anonymous quotes to prove that this is indeed happening. The preceeding statement, however, backed not by a single quote, seems awfully shady to me. I can imagine Sullivan the Instigator secretly interviewing anonymous player:

TS: Do you think that Sandy Aldersen didn't do anything to make the team better at the trade deadline because he wants an excuse to run Towers and Bocky out of town after the season?

AP: No, I think John Moore's is a cheap bastard.

TS: So you don't think my scenario is possible?

AP: Well, anything's possible.

See, that player totally pondered that possibility.

Now Sullivan has charged us with the following question. Did Junior Seau know when he gave his empassioned farewell speech, that he was not actually retiring at all? Was he already, in fact, negotiating with Bill Belichek to become a Patriot? Did he dupe the trusting fans of San Diego?

There's no actual reason to believe that is the case, but who cares? It's controversial! Let's call into question the honor of one of this city's greatest athletes. A man who stood as a leader in the community as well as on the field during his tenure here. To call Seau's integrity into question is classless. But should I expect more? Should any of us expect more from the paid writers in this town?

The truth is, even if this turned out to be true(I don't believe it myself) , so what? If he was in negotiation, there was no way he knew it was a sure thing. And if Seau wants to sign on as a hired gun for five more years to try and get his ring, more power to him. He deserves that shot, just as all great players do. Should he suffer for the mistakes of Bobby Beathard and the NFL in general that kept him from achieving the ultimate prize? He chose loyalty over glory for all those years and I say he has the right to chase the latter now. Go Junior. We're still gonna steamroll ya in the playoffs, though. Sorry. Go Bolts!!!

P.S. Don't quote Cheap Trick, Sullivan. They're much to cool for you.

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CJ said...

Really. Are we to be upset that they chased him from town, filled up his roster spot with a bunch of Pro Bowl Orc Monster linebackers, and now there's no room for him? Oh well. Chase away Junior, chase away. The only problem is we are giong to have to hear his graduation speech all over again after his retirement, unretirement, inevitable injury and re-retirement. Possibly twice.