Monday, January 10, 2011

So, It's Monday

Some quick hits on this, the lamest day of the week.

1) The Chiefs did pretty much what I expected them to do in folding to the Ravens. It's a wonder nobody decided to cover Dwayne Bowe until the last couple of weeks of the season. That 27/7 TD/INT ratio for Matt Cassell is a baldfaced lie! Maybe I'm just bitter that the Chiefs were there but they were lucky the score wasn't 52-7. Baltimore continues to get in it's own way all time, and while that may be okay against the Chiefs, it probably won't stand against the Steelers. One more time Ravens, Ray Rice is better in any inconceivable situation than any other running back on your roster. Use him accordingly.

2) The Colts-Jets match-up was surprisingly hard to watch.I still have to belive the outcome might've been different if the Colts were healthy, but thems the shakes as they say. Tomlinson looked good, so that's practically a win for the Chargers, right? Well, at least we're gonns a get a second rounder for Cromartie now. Please let it turn into an undersized white guy with a great big heart!

3) New Orleans got pretty much beaten up by the 7-9 Seattle Seahawks. How did it happen? Dare I say it? Trap game, bitches!!! It's well documented here, but as much as I hate hate hate the Seahawks, New Orleans fans needed a nutpunch like that after all the 'Who dat?' nonsense the rest of us had to deal with the last few years. And if you didn't love watching Marshawn "Beef Moe" Lynch moew through just about every player on the Saints defense on that game clinching TD run, then you just plain don't like football, so why are you even reading this?

4) I cannot tell you how sad I am that Mike Vick won't be winning the Superbowl this year. What a wonderful story of redemption that would have been. And what a glorious sock in the cock that would have been to those bleeding heart, holier than though bitches who think Vick should never have been given a second chance in life. Alas, The Eagles decided not to bother trying to defend the run and paid dearly for it. Meanwhile, Vick and DeSean Jackson just looked gassed as the season seemed to catch up with them. Too bad. 2010 was a Hell of a highlight reel for those guys.

5) Ron Rivera is going to the Panthers, proving that literally anything is better than watching Norv Turner piss away all your hard work.

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