Sunday, January 23, 2011

I'm More Than Worried

I kind of bowed out last weekas far as this blog goes due to the fact that it really hit me that any good that can come from football has passed me by this year. I mean, I'm happy to have seen the Patriots continue their recent tradition of post season chokery, but it's not enough to truly lessen the sting of that fact that my season is over and I hate my team. Anyway, here's what I think about these playoffs now.

I should have put money on the Jets last week. I had been telling anybody who'd listen that I expected the Patriots to choke in that game, but it doesn't amount to a hill of beans if I'm not willing to put my money where my mouth is, and I wasn't. I might as well be Keyshawn. Still, it was nice to see them lose, even if it was to the Jets. By the way, Sports Media, you can't praise Bill Belichek for jettisoning Randy Moss and rave about the unstoppable Pats offense, then turn around and condemn them for not having a Randy Moss 'type' when that unstoppable O gets stopped. You guys are terrible. have a fucking conviction. They just got beat. It fucking happens.

I can't watch the Steelers win another Superbowl, so I'm still fully on the Tomlinson bandwagon. As far as people who have a beef with the Chargers go, we could do a lot worse than LT getting his ring. And by that I mean this...

Because everything in the world is about me, and the universe likes to rub my nose in shit at every turn these days, I have zero doubt in my mind that Jay Cutler will win the Superbowl. No doubt. For some weird reason no one is giving these guys a chance today, but that's just as silly as no one giving the Jets a chance last week. Yeah, I know that I spent the whole season calling bullshit on the Bears, but guess who was only slightly behind them in bullshit? Yep, the Packers. Still no running game. I think the Bears are going to kill Aaron Rodgers. Believe me, I don't want it to happen. Green Bay is eminently likable as a team and would make a seemingly fine and upstanding Champion, but how would that piss me off? That's all the universe is concerned with, really. Bears 27, Packers 23

I think the Jets can beat the Steelers. The Jets are far more dynamic and every bit as capable of being a stifling defense. For some reason, though, nobody seems to want to beat these impossibly boring Steelers this year. They don't even know how they got here. But I'm going with my heart here. Go TBE!!! Jets 20, Steelers 16

If this pans out as I've predicted, this year's Superbowl could end up being the ultimate battle between good and evil. Cutler vs. Tomlinson. The AFC West will never have been so strongly represented. I actually want to see that! Which, of course, means there's no way. Oh well. Go Playoffs!!!

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