Friday, January 14, 2011

Seattle in the NFC Championship Game?

Don't laugh. While most of sports media and the NFL were busy freaking out about a 7-9 team hosting a playoff game as the Seahawks pulled off a shocking upset of last year's Superbowl winner, maybe they should have been looking at the bigger picture. Since Seattle is a division winner they are automatically seeded higher than the surging Packers. This means that the Atlanta Falcons are rewarded for their top seed by having to play the more dangerous remaining wildcard round team in the divisional round. In the meantime, the upstart Seahawks get to play the bullshit number two seed Chicago Bers. Why are the Bears bullshit? Because they already lost once at home to the crappy Seahawks once this year. For some reason nobody in the world believes they could do this again, but I can't for the life of me figure out why. If you don't think Jay Cutler can suddenly fire off four straight picks in his FIRST EVER playoff appearance then you have never once followed his career. Also, Mike Martz is a great playoff choker. Now here's the craziest part of all. If the Seahawks win-and they will-and the Falcons lose-and they could-then the 7-9 regular season Seahawks will host the NFC Championship Game. I hate the Seahawks and I want this more than anything in the football world. But this is not the year of getting what I wanted in football. Here's some other things that I wanted but didn't get:

The Chargers to win the Superbowl

The Chargers to win the AFC West

The Chargers to make the playoffs

The Chargers to be decent

The Chargers to start the season with their best available starting squad on the field

The Chargers not to have a record number of blocked punts

The Chargers to be so bad that the ownership would have to get rid of AJ and Norv

The Chargers to be so bad that the ownership would have no choice but to at least force AJ to fire Norv Turner

Michael Vick to win the Superbowl

PETA to cry about it

Tom Brady's dick to fall off

The Raiders not to beat the Chargers

The Raiders not to sweep the Chargers

The Raiders fans not to start talking to me again

My fantasy football team to win

My fantasy football team to place

My fantasy football team to show

Jay Cutler not to make the playoffs

Jay Cutler's foot to fall off

Football not to be over for another season

I just know that last last one is gonna happen too. Anyway, if the Seahawks make it to the Supberbowl (pleasepleaseplease) then I think they should throw out all the AFC teams and let the Bengals play them. That's the game everybody wants to see. Am I right?!

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