Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Cleanup on Aisle Ten...

Cleaning up the mess that was the week without football first...

See what happens to me when a week goes by and the Bolts are not involved. My utter disdain and apathy for the NFL shines through so clearly. I spent Sunday trying to manufacture some desire to watch the garbage that was claiming to be football, only to find myself distracted by the tiniest of things like a flag blowing in the wind. Good God football is terrible when your team isn’t playing. Just think, if the Saints don’t go to Los Angeles this year (pray to all that is hurricane force evil in the world that they do) then the Chargers might. (Side note: How many chances do you give a city for football when they have already run numerous franchises out of town?) After watching this weekend, and with the potential birth of the L.A. Chargers looming on the horizon, I will be a man without a football team if the move in fact does occur. And that means I will be without football. I just can’t watch that crap. I don’t think I can pick another team to root for.

My halfhearted (generous) interest in the Rams, Jets and Redskins (all of whom lost by the way) was just a distraction from the fact that I was trying and unsuccessfully rooting for the excrement of Chupacabra that are the Raiders. Early on when it was discovered that they were not going to beat the Rocky Mountain Oyster Chuggers, they couldn’t even manage to lose that stupid game properly. If you aren’t going to win, at least lose by 60 so I take a little bit of pleasure from that. Thanks for the help guys, can’t wait for you to come to town now for some additional punishment. There is a very good chance that convicted child molesters will get jobs as toilet paper dispensers in pre school restrooms before I root for those puckered starfish again.

There is still some residual disappointment with regard to the Canepa article from last week. I have done most of the commenting that I will do on that topic, but it is just really ridiculous to read that again. The more I read it, the more I question what is going on. How can someone of Mr. Canepa’s standing, spout off this sentiment that is so obviously untrue? To put this in perspective, this would be like using your most powerful forum to advocate that T.O. rescues blind puppies from burning buildings while being a great teammate, or that our entire secondary should be the leading candidates to start in the Pro Bowl. I think it’s time to move on from this topic and let this issue settle itself. I have a feeling that if the current trend continues, the one highlighted in my last post, not only will the holes in Mr. Canepa’s argument be properly illustrated, but the Los Angeles Chargers may have a new coach.

Before moving on to devouring the Buffalo Wings this weekend. Let’s take a look at the past weekend’s likes and dislikes...

-Shaun Alexander. I thought I could see Seattle’s point before the season began about not extending this guy, who turns out to be the only bright spot in the City of Cold, Wet Hell. I was wrong and so is Seattle.

-The Idle San Diego Chargers moved up in the power rankings.

-10 weeks in and we are still listening to Mr. Faith Hill revamp the words to that God awful song. If all I have to look forward to is the L.A. Chargers and Mr. Faith Hill, the NFL will feel my wrath. Of this I promise.

-I miss people wondering who got the better end of the Mike Vick for Ladainian Tomlinson trade. Why won’t anyone bring this up anymore? I have an opinion. I’ll raise my hand and wait my turn and everything. Come on. Somebody? Anybody?

-To the Vikings: Thumbs up from me for giving us the Sex Boat Love Cruise story (of which we all wish we were a part of no matter how despicable (awesome) some say it was) and for ruining Tom Coughlin’s underwear and weekend in New York.

-To Roy Williams of the Cowboys: Thanks for that wonderful interception last night. You have officially guaranteed that we will have to continue talking about Terrell Owens until the Eagles are officially eliminated from the playoffs. And then continue to talk about him because the Iggles missed the playoffs. I hope you get to hook up with one of the girls in the “Ron Mexico” flock.

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