Friday, May 06, 2005

I Like Tacos...

Hey hey, happy day after cinco de Mayo. I guess that would make this seis de Mayo. In any case, it is painfully obvious that everyone in my local area is using this “holiday” as an excuse to go on a Robert Downey Jr. like four day weekend bender, as freeways are desolate and there was an abundance of “Walks of Shame” this a.m. Awesome.

Padre Talk? Okay. It’s been a good week for the guys. Last Friday’s marathon that we were able to attend was great, even though we missed the Kournikova by about one minute, and I have to say that I was weighing heavily the consequences of charging the mound and taking the girl out with a swift yet gentle tackle, hoping to brush up against something special on the way to the ground. I even had willing participants to bail me out and pay my fine, I mean come on, that is probably the closest that any of us will ever get to her. Yet, it did not happen. Dammit.

Slowly but surely the team is climbing back in to a successful position, so I think it best that I shut my rambling hole and let the game talk for me. Some guys that have been a little less than spectacular are starting to get a little more than warm, and I for one will not be the one to... I am just going to shut up now.

We did manage to make Sportscenter last night by being the first team in the ’05 season to have a triple play completed right on their heads. That was fun. I coughed up a much too loud f-drop at the gym watching it unfold. People like it when you yell out obscenities whilst they try to work out. Sue me. Your heads aren’t going to explode if you hear that kind of talk folks, get over it.

Seis de Mayo should be a good one for weekending. I am going home to grab my sombrero and eat some tacos.

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