Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Damn Yankees!

It figures, that as the Padres experience, quite possibly, their best baseball since the 1998 squad, that the Yankees-who dealt the the '98 squad their ultimate demise-would go ahead and do their best to steal our thunder. As our Padres go ahead and beat up on National League heavyweights like Florida and St. Louis, the Yanks go out and string together nine straight wins. Typical. Sadly, you and I both know that the Yankees probably know the Padres as well as Johnny Damon does, which just adds insult to injury. In my opinion, however, the Yankees might just do well to get to know us. Talk about teams on a parallel. At the beginning of the season, both teams were widely picked to represent their divisions in the post season, and then, up until a couple of weeks ago, both teams were in an utter state of confusion. Unable to score runs or get outs, fans on opposite ends of the country were sharing a common sentiment. Heads need to roll. Now comparing the Padres, who have wallowed in ineptitude for the better part of a decade, to the Yankees may be a stretch. After all, even though they were picked left and right to be a team on the come, the Friars were ultimately not expected to compete too heavily outside of their division. The Yankees were obviously expected to continue to battle Johnny Damon's boys for Most Annoying Team of the Century So Far-oh wait, I mean the American League Pennant. But wouldn't it be something? I know this team is not the '98 team. Only two of those guys remain, the magnificent Trevor Hoffman and the oh so clutch bench favorite Mark Sweeney. But wouldn't the fans and the front office love another crack at the team that denied so many of us the opportunity to see our team live at a World Series game? I had tickets to game five, people! I know it's early. I know Karmically that it is bad form to talk World Series (Especially considering some of my earlier takes on the team). Just let me dream a liitle bit. Go ahead and try it yourself, its pretty sweet.

Great game against the Braves last night (Another team that often has our number). I really like the way this Stauffer kid keeps his composure. Birth of hope, people, birth of hope. Just one word of advice for the young man. Take every pitch. Your swing is frightening.

On an unrelated note that will only mean something to a few of you: How many OMBAC members do you suppose own custom wooden softball bat companies? I mean seriously, is their such a thing as a wooden softball bat? All evidence so far points to no. Scam! Or as my cohort would say, "I call Shennanigans!"

Go Padres!!!!

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