Thursday, November 15, 2012

I Stand Corrected

If you've ever had the pleasure-nay, the honor!-of hearing me soapbox for more than a couple of minutes then you know that I've gone on the record as saying Tight Ends are bullshit in fantasy football and that Norv Turner is no damn genius! Well, I stand here before you humbled by harsh pimp hand of reality. No, Tight Ends are still total fantasy football bullshit , but I have discovered actual physical evidence that Norv Turner may actually be the offensive genius so many paid sports pundits tell you he is. You see, this isn't your normal half ass local sports team blog that's unwilling to hit the streets. We go the extra quarter mile here and every so often it pays dividends. I'm not going to go over all the sordid details, but Yours Intrepidly here was able to procure this discarded cocktail napkin that trusted sources assure me belonged to Norv and presumably offers up keen insight into a key facet of the Chargers offensive game-plan for this Sunday's big must win game against the Denver Fuck-os.

For those of you following along on your tiny baby smart phones that napkin clearly says, "Score 35 points in the first half." Well, history tells us that would do it. Genius. Go Bolts!!!

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