Monday, August 23, 2010

Too Drunk to Pay Much Attention

So, I watched the Chargers play the Cowboys Saturday night, but I am obviously not in football drinking shape because I couldn't tell you much about what happened. I remember being impressed with Ryan Matthews. I think I even saw a 3rd and short in there. I don't even know if we design plays for 3rd and short anymore.

The other thing I remember is Philip Rivers straight up tackling a dude. I don't know why he was tackling a dude, but he definitely tackled a dude. Was Rivers lined up on D? Was it a turnover. Who knows? Probably everybody but me. Anyway, the local media seems to think Rivers should give back half his guaranteed money or some such bullshit for jeopardizing the team's season. I say fuck that. That shit was metal. I remember how much I hated Steve Young back in the day, even before the game that shall not be referred to by name. I gave little credit to a guy who stepped into the most talented, bought and paid for supporting cast maybe in the history of the NFL. Then I saw him scramble for 9 yards in a preseason game against the Chargers after getting his freaking helmet knocked off. He dove for the last two yards for crying out loud. I remember thinking, "That asshole can go get fucked, but he plays some football." Of course, he later cashed in all that credit and more or less pioneered the QB slide fake. Pussy-ass move that slide fake! Anyway, my point is, way to go Rivers! Tackle some fools. Maybe we line him up on some return coverages? Just saying, our QB is no pussy. I'm pretty sure he doesn't even know how to slide for real very well. Go Bolts!!!

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