Thursday, August 05, 2010

It Would Be Easy to Start Hating These Chargers

Acee gives Merriman a Chance to Explain Himself...

...and only manages to make me hate them both. To be fair, I don't know what Acee could do to gain any respect at this point. He's a shameless lap dog to A.J. and after reading this it appears that he will actually tongue bathe any other local sports noteable as well if given half the chance. As for Merriman, I don't know whether he just doesn't feel like coming to camp or if he actually believes he's worth big money after being three years removed from being a major impact on the field. Whatever the case, if he's going to claim such nonsense as that he's worried about knowing where his next meal is coming from (and that really does seem to be the gist of things here), then I'm not interested in defending him anymore. On that note, he totally choked out that internet hooker.

Shaun Phillips is Just the Worst

There's really not much more to say about it. I've heard plenty of Shaun Phillip's interviews, so I believe every word of this happened. The only question now is, what will our cowboy gunslinger of a G.M. do about it?

I've always kind of felt in the past that boys will be boys, and rich young kids who play an aggressive sport for a living are going to get in a little trouble from time to time. I believe that you don't necessarily have to like all your players to like your team. But these guys are really starting to test the limits.

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