Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Some Chargers Stuff for Your Hump Day Pleasure

Here's a Chargers camp report card from a couple of days ago that Sports Illustrated put out. It's not overly positive, so it fits in well here. It does have some nice things to say about a couple of our rookies, though Jeremy Williams (Wilson?*) is surprisingly not mentioned. I say surprisingly because the local media has had the walk-on rookie wide receiver on auto suck since camp started. Vincent who? Guess those national guys just don't know talent when they see it. Or maybe since it's the Chargers, Trotter just wasn't really paying that much attention. Now, if Williams (Wilson?**) were a walk-on wide receiver for the Red Sox, then look out!

In sad Chargers news, Gary "Big Hands" Johnson died. Johnson was a standout player on those Chargers teams of yore that doomed me to a lifetime of fandom with their sweet players and awesome gameplay. I will always remember him because "Big Hands" is a bomb-ass nickname. R.I.P., great Chargers player from my youth.

And in a bit of news that is in no way related to the Chargers-or football in general, for that matter-Alex Rodriguez hit his 600th HR, which is supposed to be some kind of a big deal. Seriously, can someone explain this to me? Were there, like a bunch of dudes with 599 HRs and he just passed them all to obtain sole possession of 6th(12th? 9th?**) most HRs ever, on the all-time list? Whatever, fuck that Yankee.

*Too lazy to look up his name
**Still too lazy
***Too lazy to look up the list

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