Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Jackson Was Gone Long Ago. Didn't You Know?

I don't have much time to yammer this morning, but you should really check out Acee's article on Vincent Jackson today. Here's a few key points:

Whether Chargers General Manager A.J. Smith should open up the bidding for Jackson to all but the other AFC West teams is a valid question. (He should.)

Way to inject your opinion, ass hat. By this statement you can bet your ass that AJ opens up such bidding war. Nice of him to use his puppet to accustom us to the idea.

Jackson has led the NFL in yards per catch over the past two seasons, but two seasons is a relatively small body of work to deserve such a mega contract.

True, that is a small body of work, but how many guys have done it? What are their names? Come on Acee, you're a reporter, aren't you? Make a statement like that, then back it up. You've convinced yourself that your opinion is important, and you are wrong.

Sources within the organization have confirmed the Chargers ultimately decided to not keep Jackson long-term after he was cited for driving on a suspended license the morning of the Chargers’ playoff game last January.

No way! This shit again. No wonder they tried to trade him to Seattle. He can languish there with other noted Chargers troublemaker, Kevin Ellison. I can't remember, did we draft Jackson's replacement or did he walk on?

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