Thursday, August 19, 2010

More Letters?!

Are! You! Fucking! Kidding! Me?! AJ met with Marcus McNeill and apparently told him to go fuck himself, because nothing was accomplished and now the Chargers sent letters to Jackson and McNeill informing them that they will not be able to play in the first three games if they don't show up soon. Granted, Jackson couldn't play in those games anyway due to suspension, but you've got to be kidding me. Remember when the Gunslinging Mafia Don made Antonio Gates sit out the first game of the season against Dallas? That turned out well. But hey, it's all about principle. Wait, I thought it was all about Championships? I'm confused, AJ. Why don't you be a goodfella and explain yourself? Fire this fuck, before it's too late. You can give him credit for building the franchise, but that doesn't mean you stand by and watch him tear it down. And even if we survive this, his methods ae suspect, to say the least. Check out this bit, from the same article (by Kevin Acee, of course):

Jackson and McNeill were given the highest possible tenders for a restricted free agent, $3.268 million to Jackson and $3.168 million to McNeill.

Highest possible tenders? Fuck you, Acee. Quit trying to defend this ass hole by acting like he did all he could do here. That tender offer doesn't mean the team couldn't have offered them all new 1 year deals for $6 or $7 million that would have rewarded their production, while not giving into their demands. It also would have put the team in a positive public light while forcing the players to either come back or risk looking like total bitchy malcontents. And, most importantly of all perhaps, it may have left open the possibility that these great players might actually come back and get their long term deals after the labor agreement gets hammered out. As it is, I can't see either of these players ever signing a contract with this team, so say your good-byes right now and kiss the Godfather's ring. It's the only one you may see for quite some time.

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