Sunday, September 28, 2008

It's Raider Week? Who knew?

Sad to say that yet again this week has flown under the radar. Yes, it's Raider week. And no, it means nothing. Again. It's sad that this historically tremendous rivalry has been rendered about as relevant as John Bobbitt's porn career.

Maybe we'll be the catalyst that will finally send the Al the cryptkeeper all the way off of the ledge and he'll make good on his threats to actually fire the best coach he's hired in the last 5 years. Please allow this to happen. As much as I loved the rivalry and the near stabbings while attending the Murph during these clashes, I can't say that I don't take particular enjoyment from their despair. Schadenfreude some call it. I think that's a stupid, overused buzzword, like 'uber'.

I heard this morning that Jay Cutler is the hottest AFC quarterback. He also nearly quit football but thankfully, his career has been rejuvenated. How that makes any sense is beyond me. Thank you ESPN for this manufactured story and slight oversight of our own. It seems Phil has been putting up spectacular numbers, but hey, he doesn't have diabetes and he didn't want to take his ball and insulin and go home so he's not a marketable asset. And to all of you who think that Phil jawing at Cutler last year was the trigger for 'karma' or 'kharma' (depending on which hippie joint you smoke) to intervene and possess Ed Hercules for that fleeting moment when he lost his mind, I've got something to say to you. You are fucking idiots. Stop being so fucking stupid in front of the whole world.

Confidence be damned here's the bold pick of the week:

Chargers 48, Raiders 12. It shall come to fruition.

Get to Know Your Cheerleader

That's Summer. She's named after our favorite season. She likes dance, children and traveling to Mexico. She's also a dentist or some sort of teeth doctor. Translation: She's perfect.

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