Thursday, August 02, 2012

Here We Go.

Alright, time to try and flex my football bitchery muscle for a second here and see if I can't jump start this blog back to life. We here at Super Chargers have a feeling that this could be a good year for Chargers blogging, and that's probably bad news for the Chargers. We are going to need this avenue for catharsis. A lot of fans still have hope, and I'm here to crush it. AJ still runs the company and Norvelle still mans the helm. I'm not ready to go big right now with some comprehensive this, that or the other about all of the things that have happened over the off-season, but I'm sure I will. For now, let's break in the new guy over at the UT, who I like to refer to as the Acee puppet, who is still the AJ puppet and that should provide an interesting visual. Actually, it's hard to indict the guy for this article, which is really more like one more brief on the pile of evidence that Norvelle may not actually be the genius he has been advertised as. If you don't want to read it, the general breakdown is that Norv is elusive when asked where Vincent Brown will fit into the offense this season. There is still a bunch of camp, preseason games blah blah blah I have no answer type of stuff. Lets' interpret.

What diehards will think: Norv has something up his sleeve. He's keeping things close to the vest and the opposition is in for a real surprise.

What Norv is really saying: I have no idea what to do with Vincent Brown. Hopefully AJ will tell me soon.

The reality: Vincent Brown will obviously play in Malcolm Floyd's spot once Floyd goes down.

Woo, that felt good. Let's do this thing. Go Bolts!!!

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CJ said...

Ha!! Not so dumb after all. I meant me. Not the Chargers brass. They can't possibly be dumber. It's on.