Tuesday, October 20, 2009

So, Here's The Thing.

I actually think we're going to be fine. I mean, we're probably not going to win the division, but it's not like there are two teams out there that have stood out as wildcards. We're half a game out of that race, with KC and Oakland coming up. And the real bottom line here is that we looked pretty good in the first half for the first time all year. That coupled with the fact that we know we can be good in the second half should give us all a little hope. I seriously doubt we'll be giving up 14 special teams points a week. That was the first time this season I can recall having ANY real special teams problems, so let's just call that an aberration for now.

There are problems, of course. We desperately need to do a better job of protecting the QB; Rivers has been harassed all year. And the red zone offense is horseshit. I've seen enough Nate Kaeding inside the 20 to last a lifetime at this point. And I really can't condone calling off the dogs in the second half. The defense took a very passive approach towards the end of the game, and that's on the coaches again. If you're going to get burned anyway, you might as well get burned while taking it to the other team a bit. That's been the D's problem for the last two and half years; They play it too safe most of the time.

The good news is, Tomlinson looked productive. Not great, but productive. And hungry. Our receivers are still some of the best around; I honestly believe that. The secondary was not terribly embarassing (though I still question the wisdom of running out such a young safety tandem, and I worry that Eric Weddle is Khalil Greene with an attitude). We know our QB is a gamer, and if I hear anybody crying over Drew Brees I will punch your ass. If the D ever takes the gloves off for real, we have the dogs to run...theoretically. And aside from last night's freaky outcome, our special teamers tend to hold up nicely. Let's not forget our true MVP, Mike Scifres.

There's a lot of season left an in the aftermath of last night's emotional loss and it's easy to lose what little faith we had left, but I think that when the dust from that game settles in your mind, you might actually see some of the promise I see that wasn't there before. I still hate Norv Turner, AJ Smith and Ron Rivera, and a part of me believes the team would be better off collapsing at this point and getting them run out on a rail, but I can't really root against the blue and gold. I still think there is some hope here. I still think there is a fight to be fought. Go Bolts.

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Vermicious K'Nids said...

I think they'll be ok if somehow they can win out the rest of the season, (they have been known to go on runs). If they can at least finish 12-4/ 11-5 I think they may have a shot at wild card although, losing to the Ravens and Steelers did not help that cause. Oh well....Go Bolts!