Monday, October 19, 2009

Oh Aspirations...

I wish I could say that this post has all kinds of thought and thoroughly researched analysis behind the words with which it is composed. There is none. What this is amounts to pure emotional, reactionary and probably poorly executed grammar.

So what happened you ask? You were either there or you watched. You watched yet another mark tallied in the loss column for this squad. However, this one, albeit the same result with some tendencies that could be described as typical was in fact different. This one had the feeling of a team that was completely outmatched and the result was one that should have been expected.

One can point to the fact that we were in the game, dare I say even dominating the first half, should one ignore the fact that the special teams completely blew all semblance of assignments much like a Tijuana hooker during fleet week. One can also completely ignore the fact that our red zone woes continued with the continuing insistence of Norv to shock the world by running Darren Sproles up the middle on third down from inside the five yard line. An obviously perturbed LTD stomped away from the crowd on the sideline disgruntled to some degree, and while he did so, all I could think was, perhaps if you weren't injured all the time, and consistently taking yourself out of the game, those carries, or opportunities might be yours. I was then disappointed in myself for chastising the best running back our franchise has ever known. It is most certainly not his fault.

Despite the poor play of the special teams, yeah, the ones that gave up a 70+ yard punt return and a 90+ yard kickoff return (unfortunately predicted by yours truly, my bad) there was one constant that completely irked me to no end. It wasn't the three man rush that consistently allowed Kyle Orton to dismantle our obviously flawed defense, but the ever present lack of urgency or confidence in the play calling. The offensive management is a complete disaster. It appears that there is a game plan, from which the coordinator deviates rarely, that is pure scripted nonsense. The "plan" (very recklessly throwing that word around) is unsound, and ineffective. Good coordinators, hell, serviceable coordinators make adjustments during the course of the game in order to capitalize on the tendencies of the defense. Our coordinator's system, banging his head against the wall until a hole through it is punched. Unfortunately, rarely does that hole materialize, and all we are left with is a giant headache. Sorry to say that the only consistencies by this squad are of the negative variety.

I'm not pinning this loss wholly on the coaches. Yes, they are still fuckwits who make the same mistakes weekly, that opposing teams pinpoint on tape and then exploit on our faces all over national television. Nope, I also realized that our personnel is significantly suspect. The player talent is not there. This "deep" team, this team that has been repeatedly defined as having the "most talent" is a total fucking lie. Adjustments and scheming be damned. Sometimes bad football is played by sub fucking par players. Save your injury talk, this team was billed as deep. Save your poor scheming talk, this team is both mentally and physically deficient.

This used to be fun. Watching and writing about this team used to be a joy. Even in the less than stellar times, there were always a few bad puns or unfunny rape jokes to bring the smile to the faces. Now it's about game recaps of a badly coached team playing badly executed games. Many will tell you this team is underachieving, which is like saying Jesus' lawyer underachieved.

Can the squad pull yet another year long miracle from their bowels? I would think not. The division we won in August is all but lost, so we are left with what will be a significant challenge for the wild card playoff entry, an entry that we have already dropped tiebreaker games to two other participants. So, buckle up optimists, it's going to be a bastard fuck all ride for the next eleven games.

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