Monday, October 19, 2009


Monday Night Fucking Football, bitches! If you've seen me lately, you've seen a lot of doom and gloom, but it's time to put it away and focus at the game at hand. Here are four things I want to see tonight.

1) Manumaleuna lined up at fullback. It's time to give the O-line some help blowing open some lanes for this running game. I know our idiot coach loves to run as many receivers as he has out there on every play, but it's time to balance out this offense and get it going early; You know, before everybody drops back into prevent and allows us to pad the stats in a valiant comeback that falls short.

2) Blitzes. Run blitzes, zone blitzes whatever. Let's get to the QB before he gets a chance to exploit our secondary. We're out there with one less veteran in the secondary, for better or for worse, let's give those guys some help. I'm looking at you, Ron Rivera!!!

3) A little bit of good ole fashioned trickery. When was the last time we ran a halfback option? Why did we stop doing that? If we establish any kind of run whatsoever, I want a God damn flea flicker! BTW, I will take cash bets that we go deep on the first play from scrimmage. That's as crazy as it gets with Norv.

4) Boobs. I would like to see some boobs. Pretty much all the time boobs are a good idea.

This game is the season, do not fool yourself! Let's get this thing done! Go Bolts!!!

Update: Let em add one more thing that I forgot to the list of things I want to see tonight:

5) Fineable hits! Let's tear some fucking heads off early and make 'em think about it!


Jeff said...

6) Special teams should take their jock straps off their face and tackle somebody!

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