Wednesday, January 16, 2008

You Tell 'Em Philip!

Let me just go on record as saying that the more shit the media gives Philip Rivers for his animated sideline behavior, the more I'm convinced that he will go down as my favorite Charger ever. Now, I know I was pretty hard on the boy early on in the season, but he's really been rather good for the last couple of months, with something like 15 TDs to 6 INTs in his his last 7 or 8 games. He's led a couple of 4th quarter comebacks and he's made 5 or 6 of the best throws I've seen from a Chargers QB since Fouts. The funny thing is, the media wasn't all that critical of Rivers early on when he was forcing his throws and fumbling the ball at least once a game. They blamed his O-line and sited sophomore jitters and the quality of his opponents. No, the media didn't have much of anything particularly bad to say until he got into it with Jay Cutler, who for some reason has earned the right to run his mouth on the field. I'm sorry, did I go Rumplestiltskin and sleep through two or three years of the Jay Cutler Denver Dynasty Road Show? Now Philip has been caught jawing with fans on the sidelines during the glorious Colts game last week and people in the media "industry" are shitting all over each other to light him up first. Let me tell you something. I have a friend that we'll call "Pat." Every year Pat travels to Arizona to watch his beloved Rams (Pat has been a Rams fan since long before they left L.A. BTW)play the always poised to break out Cards. After drinking roughly the Rams O-line's weight in Captain and Cokes, Pat enters the stadium and immediately makes his way down as close to the sideline as possible at which time he begins to lay into every player he can get within earshot of with the most vile, personal jabs he can think of. Sometimes the players react and sometimes they don't, but I assure you that most of the time they do. It's human nature to tell someone to go fuck themselves when they ask you when you will kill an innocent person again. Oh yeah, did I mention that Pat is bitching at the very team he roots for? Can you imagine what the Indy fans were saying to Rivers? Fuck you, Indy fans. Granted, I have a mom complex with Rivers. I can say whatever I want about him, but y'all better watch your fucking mouths. My new favorite was yesterday when Dan Patrick said on his radio show that Rivers hadn't really shown him anything yet, and that he was merely surrounded by super-talented players who made him look good. Wow, Dan, why don't you show me a couple of successful QBs who didn't have shit for a team around them? Tom Brady? Well, who the fuck does he have to throw to? Peyton Manning? We saw how good he was when he had to play with the scrub team. Six picks? Yeah, Gates is great, and Chambers is to, even though I bet Dan is one of the people who said we gave up too much to bring him in, but nobody was singing Jackson's praises before two weeks ago. Fuck you, Patrick, Banks, Prisco and the rest. You're bandwagonning on the QB as quiet, sage gunslinger cliche that don't mean shit. Everybody is. For cryin' out loud, one "fan" called into a sports show yesterday and asked which QB the Bolts would take in the draft. Way to look stupid, San Diego. Go Rivers!!!

Update: What's this? Refreshing praise of Philip Rivers?

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Tenacious E said...

Great post!
It is funny how ever since he's been out there goofin' off like that, he's been kicking ass....and at the same time all I hear is people saying, "It's one thing to do that stuff if you're good, but he hasn't proven that yet"....What!! Are you kidding me. everyone has gone stupid, and good for them....stupid people.

That TD pass to Chambers last weekend was AWESOME!