Monday, January 14, 2008

Fuck Everybody!

Myself most of all. San Diego pulled off one for the ages yesterday. They beat the Colts, the officials, everybody. Philip Rivers was awesome. Vincent Jackson was awesome again. Darren Sproles is a crazy fast little person. Legedu Naanee has an awesome name. Billy Volek? Get the fuck out of town, he's a superstar! This team is for real. Bing on the Patriots round 2. Let's see a little sweet justice and pay them back for last year, shall we? Oh, and fuck Don Banks for this bullshit. Of course, as I' ve said to some people, I expected every headline to read "Patriots Win The Super Bowl" this morning.

Oh, and have some Carl, he's pretty jazzed for his team right now too:

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Tenacious E said...

It's amazing how much everyone is pissed the Chargers won. Fuck Everybody is right.

Here's another wonderful piece....of shit from the tuesday morning nutsack:

Lame, yet all the better if we were to pull off a win. I could see us losing by 2 points with another version of the tuck rule or something.....anything they(they the world) can do to stop us.