Monday, January 23, 2006

Oh the Progress...

Not too much happening on the home front in terms of the footballing team. It's no secret that Drew is still in recovery from his dislocated appendage, and the long term deal that was on the table, has yet to be mentioned again. A gesture of good faith? Still not sure, but it would seem to me to be a bit um, 'aggressive' to be talking about long term deals without proof of a professional skill set. I mean, you are going to have to at least audition and prove that you can make the ball go forward, preferably in the air for some distance. Hopefully something that resembles a spiral, not a wounded mallard.

The 'Transition' designation is of course a possibility. More than likely a reality. In the most basic sense, it is a form of a franchise tag that doesn't have any financial guarantee attached to it. For more explanation, find google and learn to use it.

In other football news, things went relatively according to plan. Pittsburgh made the Donkeys rue the day they put the old number 16 on the same old Jake. Two picks and two fumbles made for a household full of sad donkey fans. To say that the Charger fans in attendance were enjoying themselves is an understatement, as chants of 'IN-COM-PLETE' were echoing through the room, albeit when the Donks were dropping Jake's ducks. Text messages were being sent from five feet across the room to further drive the point home. At one point, when the game was in full embarrassment mode, I started to get angry at the Donks, they were beginning to embarrass the entire division, not just themselves. Someone inquired as to why I was cheering against the AFC West, since that is where we reside as well. Apparently if we can't be in, I should root for the teams in our division that are. Well, that's a bunch of Donkey turd and never, ever will I cheer for anyone in our division. Unless they get food poisoning, or stuck in prison for eternity.

The Hawks handled the crippled version of the Panthers that took the field on Sunday. After the motorcade of ambulances dropped off the team at Quest Field, it only got worse. The third string running back forgot who he was and the game was effectively over. The Panthers are tough and deep, but they couldn't even overcome this.

Super Bowl Fourty Ounce is in two weeks. The Steelers are favorites and rightly so. I have heard talk that a six seed shouldn't ever be a favorite, but I think the discrepancy between the two leagues is fairly evident by now. Pitt should handle the mandatory three point spread. The Hawks just still haven't done it for me, I haven't seen the championship form from them yet, and at this point I doubt I will. My ducats will be rolling on Ben and the gang. So it has been told...

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