Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Time to Get to Work...

Sad as it is, last Sunday’s prime victory, one that will remain with me for some time especially since there is a large Boston contingency in my area, must be put on the back burner until the business at hand is behind us. And the schedule that never gets easier tells me that Pittsburgh is on the way, it’ll be a Monday Night Showdown, we’ll be in the powder blues, and a marathon will be had.

This thing is going to be interesting in so many ways. These two teams are exactly the same on paper. There will be a festival of handoffs on both sides of the ball, as those armed with guys named Bettis, Staley, and Parker commit themselves to that quite whole heartedly. Whereas on our side of the pig, there is but the one, the chosen one, who runs like the turd flows into the Tijuana river and cuts like a chick from New Jersey. Two able quarterbacks will man the offenses and throw deliberately, hitting their targets with the accuracy of a pre-teen in a National Spelling Bee. Man, is that a dumb sentence... moving on.

On to the defense where the similarities don’t really end. Excellent run stoppers on both sides of the field, and secondaries that can be beat. If our offense wasn’t clicking on about 650 cylinders right now, I might suggest that this would be a low scoring, knock down, drag out, good old fashioned football game. But, I am not going to do that. In fact, I am going to suggest something completely different than that. I have some beliefs, let me tell you what they are...

-I believe we are on the verge of a massacre.

-I believe after four weeks of Monday football, I am, and everyone else should be, sick of Tim McGraw and his stupid song.

-I believe that the entire country will be shocked on Monday. Except me.

-I believe in pizza in all its glorious forms and for all it stands for.

-I believe that if I knew how a Steeler shows its ultimate disappointment, I would express that here in words, for that is how they will feel when they leave America’s Finest (read: most expensive) City on Tuesday.

-I believe in Drew Brees, Ladanian Touchdown, First and Antonio, Keenan and the Gang, Santa Claus, The Chupacabra, and the Yeti. Okay, not Santa Claus, but all the rest.

-I believe there will be a tie for first place after next Monday night in the AFC West.

Arms up. Arms up.

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