Monday, September 12, 2005

We're Back...

First of all I would like to welcome myself back from a productive and positive hiatus from everything that is sporting event related here in San Diego. I also have to express my gratitude that the off season complete football blackout was fairly well adhered to and there were not too many mindless conversations during baseball season concerning the well being of the football team. It is and always will be a word beyond amazing to me how experts and mindless know it alls can convince themselves and others who will be the ultimate winner of the Super Bowl, sometime in mid-March. It’s baseball that allows me to avoid those meaningless distractions, and when your team is in first place, albeit by default, you can direct the talking points to something that matters. There is plenty of time to make Super Bowl predictions, and now is not the time. You can take your Colt loving, Patriot hating, Eagle bashing experts and tell them no matter how loud or long they shout about the winner of this year’s Super XL (not good roman numerals either) they have no idea what is going to happen. Ask Carolina and Kris Jenkins. Rafael Palmerio congressional statement period goes here.

Yesterday marked the beginning of the campaign for 28
football teams. Some had some extraordinary hardship to play through, and some of us thought that it would be fair and somewhat smart to try to capitalize financially on some of those teams. Needless to say that my thinking was not clear or concise and the Las Vegas Hilton has some of my money courtesy of Hurricane Katrina. I do not feel guilty about the play that I made, nor do I feel the sting of it’s loss, for I can find solace in knowing that the good folks in the soggy south had their team show up, play hard and walk away victorious in a most improbable situation. Congrats to the land of Beads and Jazz, a special delivery of fresh bags is on the way for next year when you are back on your feet.

It’s a good feeling to have San Diego football back. It will be a better feeling after I am able to stomach game one jitters and deal with all of the negativity that is being directed in a manner that I feel is rather one sided criticism aimed squarely at A.J. Smith. Mr. Smith didn’t cost us the football game any more than the penalties on the secondary would have helped us win it. Would having Mr. Gates on the field have made a difference in the game? Sure. I’d be a little less than inept if I said it wouldn’t have. But, choices were made by both parties, none of them very good, and we had a Gates free day at the Murph. We also had a win free day. Tough start to the ’05 campaign.

Quick recap, good to be back, good to have football back. Things will develop around here a bit quicker now that kickoff has become official. Keep on board Bolt folk. Keep on board.

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