Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Good News, Everybody!

TBE is back! After his 90+ yards and 2 TDs against the Eagles on Sunday it is overwhelmingly apparent that our running game is 100% revitalized. Unstoppable.

Look, I looooved that game Sunday. I was confident we would win and win we did. I certainly wasn't thinking about that game a few years ago where we lined up for the game clinching field goal against the Eagles and then they blocked it and ran it back for a TD to win and then we didn't make the playoffs but got to be the best team to ever not do that until last year when the Patriots got to be the best team to ever not do that because we are a bunch of cheating cheaters and they should change the rules so that the Patriots can go to the playoffs every year, but they couldn't get everybody to throw out the division winners in the playoff seeding so they just made it against the rules to tackle the QB so Tom Brady would never miss another game and nearly destroy the very fabric of football, but I digress. Couple of things:

As I've said nearly a million times, I hope LT can be what he once was, but I still have my doubts. He didn't make any nifty LT patented cuts on that 20 yard TD, or most of his other runs for that matter. Our line opened holes on Sunday. And why? Probably because teams are no longer worried about defending against the run so much. They will likely adjust, so let's not get to far ahead of ourselves.

I've also said that I would love it if Norv became a good head coach and I would happily support him if that ever became the case. Now, I can't fault Norv too much for his playcalling in the last few weeks, and I happily give him credit, but what the hell was Ron Rivera doing calling off the dogs with a whole half of football (more, really) to play? 400+ yards throwing for McNabb? Inexcusable, and they need to address that pussyfoot bullshit quick.

All in all, though, I'm stoked to be here even better than I thought we'd be a few weeks ago when I righteously predicted our ascent back to relevancy. Now it's time to twist the knife. Go into Denver and let the smell of blood in the water dictate the game. No letting up until the final whistle blows. It's time to announce our fucking presence with authority, damn it!

And honestly...TBE, please be back. Go Bolts!!!


Tenacious E said...

I know there were holes and less defenders in our backfield tripping up LT, but I have to say(as a father), having just heard his wife is pregnant right before the game most definetly gave a little missing bounce in his step.

Maximum Colossus said...

Eat a dick, E.

CJ said...

I really hope you don't believe that is the only child LTD has fathered.

Tenacious E said...

I have two. News of the second was just as exciting.

I'm not claiming that's THE reason he ran better, I just think it helped. Anyways, just saying.

CJ said...

Then Travis Henry, Willie McGahee and Maurice Clarett should all be all world hall of famers someday...