Friday, August 01, 2008

My $.02 On Favre

So, I guess I'll go ahead and throw out my opinion on this Favre thing cause that's how I like to roll. Originality is key. If by originality you mean showing up late with a half empty 12-pack of Coors Light, but I digress.

Here's Tim Sullivan's take, which is your typical "old guy who's overstaying his welcome standing up for the old guy who's overstaying his welcome" piece. It's a widely shared sentiment in journalist circles right now. Everybody thinks Green Bay is crazy. I think a number of things are being overlooked here.

1) I wouldn't be surprised to find out that the Packers wholeheartedly believe that the team around him was as responsible if not more so than Favre for the season they had last year.

2) I also think the organization probably blames Favre for literally throwing away the playoffs last year.

3) The organization is well aware of the success beginner QBs have been having over the last several years (see Roethlisberger, Manning, Rivers, Romo, Palmer...etc.) and wouldn't mind adding their own name to the list.

BA GM AJ is right in this article. The Packers are looking at building a future team with lasting postseason returns, and Favre is no longer part of that vision. Of course, they'll be crucified if they're wrong. Glad they're not my team. Go Bolts!!!

Post. Script. If you're wondering, I think he ends up a ViQueen. That's how much he's pissed off.

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