Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Merriman to play in 2008

Much to the dismay of Quarterbacks around the league, it looks like the beast will play this season despite having no knee:

He'll be roundly criticized for this decision, but I'm ok with it so far. Say it takes 4 or 5 months of rehab after the surgery. Even if he hurts it at some point this season and then has to have it rebuilt, he'll still have time to heal up for next season. Might as well squeeze whatever juice is left out of it first. That way, teams have to game plan for both him and Tucker, depending on the wobbliness of the wheel. Plus, he'll be suited up and able to do his pre-game center of the huddle dance-yell-chant thing that's always on TV. It also gives some credence to the idea that there is real belief within the players' minds that big things could be happening this year.

I'll skip the play on "Lights Back On" or whatever, and just say, GO CHARGERS!!! Bring on the season!!


Maximum Colossus said...

This is pretty much what I expected. The other thing to keep in mind is that teams do love to play up injuries during the offseason, and these doctors he's been seeing are-I assume-bound by confidentiality, so there's no way to double-check the reports that all of them have told him to sit out the season and that aggravation could be career ending. Fly around the country for a while and we'll tell everybody you're playing on two torn ligaments. that should keep everyone guessing.

Sean said...

In an open memo to Shawne Merriman from 10 year NFL Veteran Marcellus Wiley, Wiley tells Merriman why he shouldn't play through his injury. Wiley explains how he played through an injury under eerily similar circumstances and shares his deep regret for doing so in an insightful post: