Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A Little Taste.

A.J. Smith runs a pretty tight ship, there's no getting around it. Never has it been more apparent than this offseason. The current roster appears to be a who's who of mouthless do-gooders. Seriously, after the last couple of years replete with DUIs, drug arrests and off-duty cop target practice, this off-season has been downright lame. Philip Rivers needs to kick Jay Cutler in the balls so I can see the Chargers in print. Wait, does that make me intolerant towards diabetes? I should knock on wood here, though, seriously. It's a good thing that our boys are media-unworthy this time of year. It's just that with the Sadres (see what I did there?) performing so poorly while still being as boring as ever, one begins to jones for some Charger love as though it were that first smoked rock of crack in the morning. I have it on good authority from Josh Hamilton that morning crack is exteremely jones-worthy. Anywho, I was pleasantly surprised to find this little gem of an article from SI's Don Banks on the interweb today and figured I'd pass it on.

Sure it's sort of a Patriots fluff piece in a Chargers uniform, but at least Don was kind enough to interview A.J. about his philosophy on creating a team that matches up with the Pats instead of interviewing Belichek and asking him why the Chargers are such whimpy New England fanboys. I could also take offense that Don acts like the Patriots have casually owned us in the play-offs the last couple of years when that is not quite the truth. No, instead I'll just go ahead and be happy to have a little national attention for my team going into the year.

On another related note, I'm going to have to go ahead and admit I'm finding it harder and harder to fault our B.A. G.M. A.J. on some of his personel decisions. I might never forgive him for Harrison and Donnie Edwards, but after Shane Olivea's off-season douchery and the unfortunate fate of Terrence Kiel, it's becoming more and more apparent that A.J. has his finger on the pulse of his team. I will not, however, get over his gun-slinging Don attitude any time soon.

Bring on training camp! Go Bolts!!!

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Diego Jimbone said...

Ahh.... speaking of jones-ing, that first blog post of the year was a long time coming, and it was a sweet nugget. I know we have a LOT of Summer Shenanigans left to get into and out of and forget then piece back togther, but man, I still get a little excited to think about the Bolts campaign come fall.