Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Sky Is Falling!

Some of you may have seen this little slice of hysteria Tim Sullivan submitted to San Diego Post Dispatch Intelligencer this morning, and I gotta say, the doom and gloom is pretty fantastic. Antonio Gates-due to his horrific TOE injury-could very well not be long for the world of professional football is the tone Sullivan sets with this statement:

He is aware, however, that his glory days could be dwindling.

This is what Gates actually said about it:

“You always worry,” the Chargers' transcendent target said yesterday. “That's just part of human nature. I wonder if I can still go out and be the (No.) 85 that people are used to me being in the past. I think that's part of the challenge.”

Sounds like a guy who realizes his days are numbered. Or maybe it sounds more like he's answering a baited question. Seriously, do we have to dress this up as an actual issue? Gates is still a young man. They said from the get-go that he would need the whole offseason to recover. Camp has just started. We spent last season establishing our receivers more. We could survive if Gates has to miss a game or two, or even three. Why does Tim Sullivan want to freak us out? Of course, I fully appreciate the irony of my asking for more Charger coverage and then crying about the coverage received. I am, however, never afraid to delve head first into hypocracy. It's a gift. Go bolts!!!

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