Friday, July 18, 2008

What Have You Done With Nick Canepa?

Last week resident A.J. Smith apologist-nie lapdog-Nick Canepa wrote a rather intelligent and actually insiteful piece regarding OTL and the San Diego beach drinking bans. This is it. Needless to say, I was rather blown away, but thought hey, even a blind squirrel finds his nuts or some such bullshit as that.

Imagine my surprise to come across yet another piece that did not make me want to buy reading glasses just so I could poke my eyes out with the stems. Here's Nicky's article detailing the recent comings and goings of ex-San Diego QB Drew Brees. It's a fluff piece for sure, with very little weight, but since I'm sure you all recall that letting Brees walk after two excellent seasons did not make for warm feelings toward our B.A. G.M. A. J. That fact in itself makes the article interesting. I fully expect to see a follow-up in the next couple of days where Nick makes sure to remind everybodythat Drew Brees is the Anti-Christ so A.J. had to let him go. I do like the part where he asides that Brees should have been traded after 2004, hinting at some sort of player devotion that obviously lives within A.J.'s heart. Bullshit. But otherwise a decent little, non-offensive read. I always like to hear that Drew Brees is doing well, even if I wasn't as devastated as many when he left. You know the people that still pine for Brees? They're the ones who thought Billy Volek should have started the AFC Championship game last year, and the same ones who force the rest of us to explain ourselves to sports fans from other cities. Still, Brees was always a likeable guy who you could tell was trying hard and it's nice to see him over the bullshit. Just as it was nice to see Steve Finley at Petco for the ten-year anniversary the other night, even after the team railroaded him into leaving all those years ago, it's nice of Drew to keep a presence in a town that still likes the guy an awful lot. Of course, I still can't wait for our boys to mop up the Saints in front of the Limey's this year! Go Bolts!!!

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