Monday, April 21, 2008

Quick Note

I don't know if anybody checks this blog this time of year, but with the draft coming up I thought I'd go on the record with my take. I think Bad Ass General Manager/Cowboy Godfather AJ Smith would love to trade out of that first round pick for a couple of picks in the second to fourth rounds, but if he doesn't get those picks, I fully expect him to take the best running back on the board with that 27th pick. I know that a strong case could be made for need of depth at O-line, secondary and middle linebacker, but I have to ask you this: What would this team do right now if LaDainian Tomlinson got hurt? Darren Sproles? No chance.

What is up with the Padres bullpen? Not just Trevor, I mean just about everybody. Really ugly and probably the difference between 9-10 and 13-6 right now.

The Pads need to bring up Headley as soon as they can. Period. Time to develop the youngster in the bigs because I don't know if we compete for this division or not right now, but he can't be worse than what we've got going right now.

That's all. Sorry it's not funny. It's Monday for crying out loud! Bo Bolts!!!

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Anyone liking Hester?