Thursday, March 08, 2007

Some Thoughts To Keep Things Going.

Free agency has been blowing up with crazy, out of control money being bandied about like there's no tomorrow, so I figured I'd throw in a couple of my personal thoughts on a couple of things that have come to pass so far.

First, it seems the Ravens have come to terms with disgruntled Bills RB Willis McGahee. This is a scary signing for us in the AFC. McGahee is an upper tier back who's numbers last year didn't reflect his ability to perform. If I'm not mistaken, he was nursing some nagging injuries last season. At any rate, he's certainly an upgrade from Jamal Lewis, who doesn't even try to hit the hole anymore. Good luck with that guy, Cleveland. With the McGahee signing the Ravens will likely be an even bigger force this year than last, and we meet them in the regular season. That should be fun.

Second, I have heard concern about the apparent upgrades that have been happening in Denver so far this offseason. I have to say I'm not impressed just yet. Forget the fact that so far I have not seen any solid evidence that Jay Cutler is the second coming of Elway, let's take a look at what they've done. I count two "big" signings. First, Daniel Graham came over from the Patriots. His offensive numbers are negligable, which is to be expected coming from an offense where every single player gets to have their very own touchdown during the season. The big deal about Graham is supposed to be his blocking, which I suppose is suppose to help manage a talent like our very own Manimal. I just see more sacks for Phillips personally. This signing is unimpressive. Then you've got Travis Henry coming over from the Titans. Henry is certainly a more talented running back than any of the guys that Denver was platooning out of their stable last year, but I really don't see the overall numbers matching up that differently. Essentially, all that Henry means is maybe an extra roster spot. The Shit Ponies will be also-rans again this year, the question is, what will Shanahan do to save face this time? Crack Cutler in the knee and bring Plummer back?

Lastly for today, I'd like to address the situation wherein I constantly bash our GM, AJ Smith. I'm not blind to the many solid moves that AJ has made. It's just that I hate the manner in which he carries himself at times, as well as his overbearing bravado. Badmouthing players for taking their beefs to the media while at the same time using Nick Canepa as his own personal human bullhorn? Running quality players out of town because they were a "Marty guy" and/or he didn't draft them? A lot of my animosity with AJ has to do with Donnie Edwards, obviously. AJ laid down a constant barrage of shit about Donnie in the media and all I ever hear Donnie say is that he felt disrespected by the organization because they never gave him a reasonable offer. Now AJs line is that it would be money poorly spent to offer a long term contract to a player at the stage Donnie's at in his career. Sure, but it would not have been so bad to give him a 4 year deal three years ago when he asked for it. I'd take one more year of a player that productive. I don't want to get into how he let Foley go before any details of "the incident" came out or how he let go of Kiel as soon as the season ended. I suppose you can justify those things by saying you're trying to avoid a Cincinnatti type of atmosphere and that's fine. I understand that AJ has built us a powerful football team and I'm thankful for that, but remember, this team goes as LaDainian Tomlinson goes. AJ did not draft Tomlinson and Tomlinson is the only pre-AJ guy who's ever gotten his due from Smith. Notice, however, that Smith more or less locked up Michael Turner for at least one more year. Something honestly tells me that Smith would like to see what Turner would do if Tomlinson had to sit out for a while, and if it was "good enough" that would be the end of TBE in San Diego. He's seems to have the sportswriters believing it as well with Tim Sullivan calling the drop-off from TBE to The Burner nearly indiscernable (in this column the other day. Turner is an AJ guy, and TBE is the only thing left that's keeping AJ from stamping his name firmly across the face of this team. Consider yourselves warned. Go Bolts!!!

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CJ said...

Well, I'll bite. I understand your lack of concern with the Dipshits acquisitions during this offseason. Hopefully it is just fuel for the fire of Dumbshit Donkey Fans so they get their precious little hopes up all sky high in the air yet again this year.(By the way, there is no Santa, Easter Bunny, or Unicorns you dumb fuck Boulder hippies, and I want my fucking Jack Daniels and my 5 shots you poor fucks, I don't care if you are a fat man and a midget girl with oddly shaped torso, pay up bitches.)

But, discounting that team as much as humanly possible, they have improved since the '06 campaign. But that's like stepping in a pile of shit in a converse instead of a flip flop. Travis Henry is a step up from the schmuck they had running the football last year, Daniel Graham can suck it, but all he has to do is be big and block, and Dre Bly mixed with Champ Bailey, makes for a solid secondary, although ugly children. Shanahan will be beating them off of each other in the locker room. Or just beating them off.

Bottom line is they ARE better, maybe not great, maybe not even good, but better. And who knows? That Quarterback may turn out okay, anything is possible. "Except Dinosaurs."

Maximum Colossus said...

I understand your points there. I still think Cutler is too much of a wildcard to call them "better" just yet. Also, I didn't mention Bly, because word around town is that he will likely end up in Washington.