Wednesday, April 19, 2006

An Open Letter...

Dear Mr. Canepa, Mr. Smith, Mr. Spanos and our Fan Base,

Well, not much can be said on top of what has already been said here today about the state of our football team. Will we be good? My thought is yes. Will we make the playoffs? Maybe. Will we go all the way to the Super Session and get the first prized brass ring that we seek so desperately in this town? Uhhh, no. No we won’t. As we have seen in the past, it’s time to jettison the guys that have gotten us here and replace them with cheaper, less talented talent so that we remain competitive enough to sell out the seats and lift your television blackout weekly. Just enough that the NFL recognizes that this would be a good fit for the L.A. market and allow that town to chase another franchise from their ranks.

This Donnie E. thing has me up in arms. Believe me, Donnie is one of the most underrated backers of the line that has played in this town. He is by all measures a superstar. He has been and he will continue to be, of that I have no doubt. Needless to say that guy gave his all for this squad and is a staple now to this team. Do we have guys that can fill his shoes when he is gone? Perhaps, as we do have a lot of very talented guys playing those positions right now. Is this the right move? Yes, and no. Donnie wants what is amounting to back pay, he has been the best around this town for years now. Is he getting old? Yes, it’s what people and professional athletes do. I have yet to meet anyone save Gary Coleman who have been able to retard the aging process. But, to just be able to cut ties and move on as we have done two times already is just a bit much for me to handle. I’d be surprised if by gametime (read: September) if he was still out there guarding the middle of the field leading the defense. Donnie, if you have suited up for your last game here in San Diego, you will be missed. Come kickoff in month number nine, I will be looking for you out there on the field. I hope that you will be in Oakland wreaking havoc on those mother fu… jerks out there, dominating as you have.

I won’t go as far as you Mr. Canepa and verbally stimulate Mr. Smith. But I can almost see your angle, Mr. GM. But that is the main problem. You always has an angle, and I think that it is perfectly clear thanks to MC here that the angle is Los Angeles. And I think it blows rhinoceros testes that it is so transparent yet again. It’s about time to start thinking about becoming faithful to another squad as the inevitable move develops with more and more pieces falling into place for the moving trucks to be backing into the Murph in ’08.

So, Mr. Canepa, call a spade a spade when you see one. I am eager to read one more of your columns and only one more. The one that contains your explanation for being a Smith apologist when the opening day kickoff happens for the Los Angeles “Whatevers”. I want to see how you cover your tracks when the team is gone and you have spent your time defending all the personnel decisions that are in the team’s best interest. I am sure though this won’t be remembered when you collect your check and continue writing about the stability of our team. No, our GM isn’t an idiot, he is a calculating, manipulating bastard that is looking to break this town’s will yet again. You call him John Wayne? I call him a prick who doesn’t give a shit about the fan base here whatsoever. Not that it apparently matters to you, him or the Spanos Klan. Line your pockets boys, you have the town sportswriter in your pocket, feel free to have your way with the town. You all can bite me collectively.



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