Friday, April 28, 2006

Big Fat Charger Draft Preview.

In short, who do I want? Santonio Holmes. I want a star receiver, damn it! I want a flashy guy, and I think I deserve it. I've been so good this year. 4 months and nary a restraining order to be seen.

Who do I think the coaches want? Winston Justice. But I don't see A.J. as the trading up kind of guy.

Who does A.J. want? Well, if indeed the transformation to Bobby Beathard levels of genius is truly under way, this could be the year he trades way back and drafts the entire Mesa College senior class. Honestly, though, A.J. has drafted pretty well to this point, so I can't be too hard on him there. I could see him taking a LB at 19. Maybe Ernie Simms, if by some crazy miracle he falls that far. He won't. Vince Young? Ha Ha.

Who do I think we'll actually get? Jimmy Williams.

How do I feel about that? Not so hot. In the last 4 years we've drafted a DB twice with our 1st rounder, and they haven't exactly burst onto the scene in a blazing fury. Hell, one of them is gone, traded for an excuse not to take a receiver #1.

Oh well, whatever happens, I'm excited, because it's the draft, and the NFL makes it so pretty that it's almost like watching actual football. Mostly just cause I'm drunk by noon, though, really. Go Bolts!!! Draft your asses off!

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