Friday, April 21, 2006

Open Letter #2...

Mr. A.J. Smith,

I am going to make this quick. I tried to make this point in a very round about way in my last post. But it didn’t work, so here goes attempt #2 at explaining this without sounding hypocritical.

If Donnie Edwards leaves town, it will be the third time (Brees doesn’t count he was hurt) that we let one of the beloved members of the team depart because management didn’t want to pay or show any loyalty to them. Sometimes I have supported this and sometimes I haven’t. But I have been wrong as well. But the bottom line is this:

Sometimes you have to keep the guys the fans like even if it might cost you a bit of money. The fan base wants to win, but we also want to win with the guys we like. That is very important. A TEAM. We want to follow A TEAM. Not a bunch of strangers that are cheaper than the other guys we like that get ARRESTED!!!

Sometimes it’s good to listen to the fans. It’s up to you start believing that.

Maybe someone ought to remind you how you got your job.

With all sincerity,


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