Wednesday, December 26, 2012

So That's How It's Gonna Be, Football?

It's the day after Christmas and by all accounts AJ and Norv have not yet cleaned out their offices so either Santa didn't get my letter or Dean had him shot down over Ottawa. Ottawa because Ottawa is fun to say, and even just to read, but go ahead and read it out loud. Ottawa. Anyway, every moment that Dean does not fire these assholes is another minute he's telling the fans that he gives not a shit about us. When he fires them he will do so resenting the fans, knowing that without our pesky complaining he could leave these guys in charge until he finally gets his stadium in L.A. If only there was no one to answer to! In the meantime, he's going to make us as miserable as he feels for having to regard us in any way, shape or form. We are not billionaires! Why can't we just shut up and take it?! Don't we know who he is?!!!

Well, we did beat the Jets on Sunday. At least I'm pretty sure we did. I wasn't paying much attention, because I was busy watching my fantasy football team choke away the championship. Can you guesshow many TDs the following group of guys accumulated on Sunday? AJ Green, Cecil Shorts, Adrian Peterson, Doug Martin and Greg Olsen? Zero! Goose egg! Nada! Do you know how many TDs I needed out of that group to take the title, the money and to get my name on the trophy? One! Just one TD from a group of guys who've mostly been juggernauts all season! But no, instead I had to watch my season go down in flames at the hands of Drew Brees, who I didn't think I could hate more than I already did. Just goes to show, you can't count on anything.

But hey, the Chargers won.

Totally handled the lowly Jets and their 3rd string QB. And do you know why they won? No, it's not so that AJ could somehow have his job saved (although I don't care what Acee says, that is most definitely still on the table). It's because I have a $10 bet out there that the Jets would be better than the Chargers, with the head-to-head being the tie-breaker. Now I need the Chargers to lose to the Raiders and the Jets to beat whoever or I'll be out in that regard as well.

My point is, football was so out to get me this year.


Anonymous said...

That ten dollars is mine.

Maximum Colossus said...

Damn you.