Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Mind Boggling.

Canepa's article today on the Kevin Ellison cut. Brilliant sportswriting there, I'll be sad when we lose him to ESPN.

I can't understand what's happening to this team. Scratch that, I know exactly what's happening to this team. GM gone wild. Something about San Diego does this to seemingly savvy football men. Bobby Beathard used to be the prime example. A.J. has surpassed him at this point.

Jackson, McNeill...why burn bridges with young, pro bowl players? Even if you don't intend to pay them, there is no reason to rub their noses in shit for wanting what they've arguably earned. Why will no one stand up to this jerk? What are the owners thinking?

And now they've cut Kevin Ellison for being pulled over with 100 Vicodin pills in his car. Vicodin? It's not heroine. It's not hard to talk your doctor into prescribing you 100 Vicodin pills. Why? Because they're not that big a deal.

Also, news flash Little Nicky, Ellison was not a "fringe starter." He was THE starter. In his rookie year! Nowhere to go but up, and he gets cut for Vicodin?! In what world does this make sense? Oh, we drafted a safety in the 4th round?! Can't miss! The writing was on the wall.

A.J. must go. He has surpassed Beathard in ego. No small feat.

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