Friday, April 23, 2010

Settle Down.

So, due to the shoddy sports coverage in this town everybody went to bed last night assuming we had given up a 1, 2, 4, and Dobbins to move up and grab Ryan Matthews at 12 and got only a 6th rounder in return. Most local coverage completely glossed over the fact that we got a better 4th rounder back as well, meaning we essentially gave up a 2 for the right to draft the player we wanted (I'd call Dobbins and the 6th we got back a wash). Sounds okay to me. Of course, everybofy out there is going apeshit because they are certain we needed a nose tackle above all else after the departure of Jamal Williams. That's what the talking sports heads all say, so it must be true. But the truth is that Jamal Williams didn't play after week 1 last year and our defense came around just fine at the end of the season. And the truth is that we will likely be a predominantly 4-3 defense this year, which eliminates the need for a truly dominant nose tackle. We have big bodies to plug up the middle. And some of you think we had to go O-line. Why? Because Tomlinson couldn't run behind these guys? Tomlinson's strength was never running between the tackles, but that's what our current offense calls for (whether it was a good idea to switch up the offense and marginalize one of the greatest RBs of all time is another argument altogether, but what's done is done). And running between the tackles is what Ryan Matthews is supposed to do best. I think this guy could make our offense one for the ages and he was not going to be there at 28, especially after Buffalo unexpectedly grabbed Spiller early on. CJ and I have an ongoing argument over the value of RBs. He feels they're a dime a dozen, and I feel like that's easy to say when you had one of the greatest on your team for nearly a decade. I remember what we went through at the position before Tomlinson and I cringe to think we could go back to that. CJ says the NFL is different now, and he may be right, but I'd rather not take that chance. So sure, you can never have enough solid guys on the line, but RB was the need and the team went and got their guy. All of the best GMs I've ever heard comment on such things say the same thing: If there's a guy in the draft that you feel like you absolutely must have, you go up and you get that guy. That's what we did, and by this time next year everybody who's complaining right now should be feeling pretty stupid.

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