Thursday, July 28, 2011

Lazy Content

Now that the football season is back in full free agency force, it's time to start getting this blog going again, and what could be a lazier way to add content than to share with you the back and forth my cohort and I have been having since the Chargers attacked the free agency monster with absurd amounts of money? Nothing, that's what. So enjoy!


MC: I believe i called that.

CJ: I believe you’re right.

MC: Holy crud, how did I miss this line from Acee's article the first time?

Moreover, he has been in position for several more game-changing plays that the Chargers expect him to actually make in the future.

CJ: Because you were too far gone by the time you saw 5 years $40 Million.

MC: Too many people are loving this move. I already hate our team and our fans again.

CJ: Join the club, though I don’t think I stopped hating them.

MC: I fixed our blog.

CJ: Yes you did. Nice work.

CJ: This is a plus I guess. I should drop more interceptions.

To Chargers’ head coach Norv Turner, the main thing separating Weddle from more pervasive acclaim is that, “He probably dropped about six interceptions last year.”

MC: Norv was also in heavy excuse mode, already harping on how far behind the team would be due to the lockout. Y'know, as if no other team was behind. Get ready for another 2-5 start.

CJ: Rumor has it Malcolm Floyd to the Vikes.

MC: Well, Floyd leaving is bitter sweet. Great talent, but what are you going to do with a guy who's guaranteed to miss 6 games a season?

CJ: Pay him $32MM?

MC: Well, yes. You could do that I suppose.

CJ: I’m actually surprised they didn’t trade Jackson and sign Floyd to the money Jackson wants. That would be a total AJ move… oh I meant surprised yet. Yet.

MC: Not to beat a dead horse here, but about that Weddle thing. Every sports writer claims that 6 or 7 other teams were highly interested in getting him. Is any of that substantiated at all?

CJ: Does that even matter? If the whole world was looking for him it doesn’t change the fact they overpaid at both the draft to get him and the now free agent contract. Just because there are a “lot of suitors” (cough! Haynesworth/Redskins cough!) doesn’t make it smart.

MC: I agree 100%, but the implication is that there is no way we could allow Weddle to test the free agent market, and I'm calling bull**** on that until I here from some other exec say that they are devastated that we resigned Weddle at such a bargain.

Also, Norv said Weddle has great range. I wonder if that's Khalil Greene-like range?

CJ: Yeah, I’m pretty sure that most execs are wiping their brow right now laughing and saying, “it took what to get him? Forget that noise.”

Oh, and what’s a Khalil Green.

MC: You know how you can tell the Chargers have fallen out of relevance? Because no one in the mainstream media is even talking about the Weddle deal.

CJ: I was just about to say that I’m waiting on the inevitable, Chargers going to win the super bowl talk at any moment. Here it comes. Any minute now. Duck.

MC: We're building a team of great character with no shortage of upstanding community members. We can't help but win a Superbowl. A lot of people don't know that Eric Weddle immediately turned over his signing bonus to the new downtown library fund.

On a completely related note, do you think Philip Rivers is at all a likable person in real life?

Antonio Gates drives a schoolbus full of crippled children to the Boy Scout Jamboree each year.

CJ: I picture PR as the character he plays at KSK. Exactly. EXACTLY. I will not be swayed from that position either. No matter how many crippled kids he puts in a school bus. I imagine him swearing at them the whole way.

MC: Yes, he is Marmalard. No question.

So, Fox Sports reports that Weddle decided to sign with the Chargers after testing the free agent market. When? Between 8:00 - 10:00 yesterday morning? I don't think reading Acee's column counts as testing the market.

CJ: Here’s how it went down:

Weddle: “Mr. Smith? I’m thinking about testing the free agent market. What do you think?”

AJ: “I’ll give you $40 million over 5 years.”

Weddle: “Thanks Mr. Smith, while I’ve had many offers in my 2 minute period testing free agency, your offer is a bit under the market value that Kevin Acee set for me but I accept. Can you just write that on this cocktail napkin so I can SIGN RIGHT NOW?”

The other thing I thought was funny was I guess Ryan Clark of the Steelers tweeted out that the Steelers paid that much for him and Polamalu so there’s that…

Sullivan this morning said it was because he made more tackles than all the safeties last year. I still don’t think it’s a good thing when your safety leads the team/league in tackles. Those tackles are typically at least 8 yards down the field, but tackles are tackles I guess.

MC: Isn't it funny how Donnie Edwards got so much grief for tackling guys 4 yards down the field and Weddle gets kudos for it?

And my point was, the mainstream media is so uninterested in what AJ and the Chargers do that the one guy who even bothered to write about it merely looked over the local press clippings and said, "Hmm. Seems plausible. Job done. Happy hour awaits!"

CJ: I think it speaks more to your, “find me an exec who…” theory. I’m not quite sure anyone knows who Eric Weddle is so the only news is that he signed such a large contract for a safety.

The prevailing attitude really should be one of “whatever/whoever that guy is”. I’d look to the media to ramp up once the season starts and Norv is performing like norv

MC: You know what's fun?

Going back and watching Shonn Greene run over Eric Weddle like he's a grade schooler and then thinking how funny it is that that play basically cost Cromartie his job and his credibility in this town, while Eric Weddle went on to get a $40 million dollar contract. Also notable on the play is that Steve Gregory kind of just spins around in a circle like some electric football player and he's on the team even after using PEDs. Our team is awesome.

CJ: AJ is so raycess!

CJ: But seriously, could AJ be a super closet racist? Or is does his hatred know no bounds?

I guess that play with Shonn Greene must really be looked at with rose colored glasses. Sure, it cost Cro his job, but Weddle certainly didn’t make a play and as Sullivan stated this morning, he’s known for his tackling and got paid $40 million accordingly. What are they saying there? Well, that’s totally Cro’s play so Weddle is off the hook for missing only what could be the most important tackle of his career. I guess it’s good he missed. Can you imagine the contract he’d have gotten if he’d actually tackled that guy…

What about the contract Jackson might have gotten if he didn’t kick that challenge flag? Wait, he’s not a lily white boy.

MC: Closet racist?

CJ: I meant to say supercollossal racist. Stupid autocorrect.

Isn't football grand?!

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